Author: Brian Ellis

Searching Problems

Some users have reported problems searching our databases.  Apparently the search screen simply re-draws rather than producing the search results. This is due to some Javascript user interface code changes that we made during the weekend.  Some web-browsers are not

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Slight changes

We’re in the process of testing an upgrade to our core servers.  Along the way we’ve discovered a few things that no longer work.  One of these was the widgets that display News, Views, and Focus articles on the home

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Permission denied

Some of you may be getting a “permission denied” error message when you’re trying to access The Knowledge Basket.  The cause of this is that we’ve recently tightened up our security in response to the thousands of attacks that we

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Personal logins

You’ve probably noticed a new feature on our search pages. There’s now a “Register” and “Login” option displayed in the top right hand corner of the search, search results and document view panes. “Hang on a minute – you already

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Security Updates

Most of our users simply wouldn’t believe the level of attacks that our servers are routinely subjected to. Most of them are simply annoyances, but some are more serious – having the potential to break into our systems to steal

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User interface enhancements and fixes

I’ve just implemented a few (overdue) search results enhancements & fixes. In no particular order: Search result selections (ticking the box next to the title) used to get forgotten when viewing a document.  The same problem applied to hidden documents

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Fairfax feed problem

Fairfax had a problem with their feed to The Knowledge Basket.  As a result we haven’t received any new articles since 16 October.  They expect this problem to be fixed by tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.  All the articles published by Fairfax

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