User interface enhancements and fixes

I’ve just implemented a few (overdue) search results enhancements & fixes.

In no particular order:

  • Search result selections (ticking the box next to the title) used to get forgotten when viewing a document.  The same problem applied to hidden documents – which used to reappear when returning to the list of search results.  This will no longer happen.  Selected documents should stay selected, and hidden documents should stay hidden when viewing a document.  This problem only affected Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.  Safari and Chrome users did not encounter this problem.
  • The index of each search result is now shown – which will help make sense when working through long lists of search results.
  • Duplicate search results are now hidden.  Some publishers repeatedly publish the same article in multiple publications.  We’re now suppressing the duplicated search results.
  • Emailed search results are now concatenated together in a single email rather than delivered as an email with multiple attachments.
  • Images in emailed search results are now included.


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