Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us at The Knowledge Basket
Phone: 0800 456 695
PO Box 3152, Ohope 3161, New Zealand.

Where is the Knowledge Basket Pacific Islands database?
Visit our website for the Pacific region at any of these domains:

and search the PINI (Niustext) database from there.

Error messages
See the Technophile Link in the side-bar of this page.

What years of the fulltext daily newspapers are in the Newztext database?
To see a list of newspapers and the range of dates covered go to: Newspapers

What about the weekly or monthly papers or magazines?
The National Business Review, The Independent, and a suite of NZ business/industry oriented magazines are in the Newztext Magazines collection.
To see a list of magazines and weekly newspapers and the range of dates covered go to: Magazines

Do I have to pay for them?
Yes. The Knowledge Basket is a commercial service and charges for the
material provided by the participating owners.

Is everything in the newspapers online?
No. If the newspaper does not own the copyright to an article, or if they
are uncertain about ownership, they do not supply it electronically.

What editions of the NZ metropolitan newspapers do you get?
We do not get the printed copy of stories in that way. We get the
daily electronic feed from the STUFF website and the NZ Herald.
See also E-clips FAQ further down this page.

Which major NZ newspaper do you NOT have?
The Otago Daily Times
Taranaki Herald
Whakatane Beacon, Dannevirke News
Horowhenua Kapiti Chronicle,
The Weekend Chronicle (some are privately owned newspapers).

What about regional and local newspapers?
We put up as much as the publishers want to provide; this does
include some of the local weekly/fortnightly newspapers, but not all.
Get in touch with your local papers and encourage them to put your paper
on The Knowledge Basket.

Are the photos included?
Generally, you should ask the newspaper directly for copies of their photos as very few are supplied to The Knowledge Basket.

The exceptions are some magazines e.g. the National Business Review photos and images are attached to the article.
Fairfax can supply photos from their own library, as will the NZ Herald.

I am a student – can I afford it?
Most New Zealand universities and polyptychs plus many public libraries subscribe to Newztext and provide access for their users..
Check with the library.

I am at school can I have it?
We have a very special offer for all schools.
Check with your library to see if your school has a subscription.

Where do I get earlier newspapers?
Your local library is the first place to start.

What if I am overseas?
The Alexander Turnbull Library has a very good fact sheet on this.
Contact them at or +644 474 3000.

Are these Fact Sheets online?
Not at the moment.

Where can I find the Alexander Turnbull Library online?
Click here –

Can I look it up at the National Library?
Yes, click here

Does a library in Auckland have older newspaper material?
Yes. The Auckland Public Library has a useful page here.

Where are the Maori newspapers?
Click here for the Maori Niupepa Collection

Is there anyone to help me in the beginning with using The Knowledge Basket’s resources?
Yes. The Knowledge Basket office is there at the end of the phone. Phone 0800 4 56695 or +64 7 9858121 for assistance.

Why do some stories appear in the database but didn’t come into my e-clip?
This will occur with some stories from the Fairfax newspapers:
They have a “fast feed” (called STOP PRESS on the search screen) – this
comes to us starting at 6:00 am each day, and is fed through the E-clips

Each day (around 8:00 am) we also get a “daily” feed which contains
stories that we have already received via fast feed, and some others. The
fast feed ones usually are the same as the daily ones, but the dailys
have added subject categories, author fields etc. The others are stories
that never made it into the fast feed – usually because they were held up
while someone decided whether they had copyright or not.

Sometimes if a story is in several parts it will not get into the fast feed
because there will be no guarantee that all the parts which make up the entire
article will get there in time. In that case the story goes into the daily feed only.

The daily ones (usually 1 or 2 days old) then bump the equivalant fast
feed ones from the database. This means that the new version will be
retrieved in a search, not the fast feed version. However the fast feed
version is kept in place to allow E-clips users to still view it from the
E-clips URL we sent. This file is eventually deleted (1-3 months later) –
which is why you need to do the deep-linking process if you want to keep a
link to it anywhere on your system.
See the Technophile link in the side-bar on this page for details of using deep-linking.

LegislationNZ FAQ

What is legislation?
The Clerk of the House at Parliament has some really good material to tell you about this.
See and especially look at this one

Where do I get legislation?
Decide which sort you want, Bills, Regulations or Statutes; and use the “Databases” menu to choose “Legislationnz”

What about Hansard?
This is not free on The Knowledge Basket, but you will find free Hansard at

What about the Bills Digest?
This is no longer held by been discontinued at The Knowledge Basket. You will find a free copy at:

Is there any other place to get legislation?
Yes the PAL site. – it is free and updated monthly.

I am a student – can I afford it?
Some New Zealand universities and polytechs provide access to this database
collection for all students. Check with the library at your university or college.

I am at school – can I have it?
Most schools do not need this material. If you need legislation it will probably be in the FREE section.

Can I search on the LegislationNZ databases and just pay for what I use?
No – you must have a subscription for this database. Except for the free material mentioned earlier.

How do I start?
Call us about taking out a subscription. 0800 456 695

Is there anyone to help me in the beginning?
Yes. The Knowledge Basket office is there at the end of the phone to
help you. 0800 456 695