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  • Introduction

    What is E-clips?E-clips is a service from The Knowledge Basket which offers Electronic Press Clippings from the Newztext database – NZ newspapers and magazines and Radio New Zealand – by email or other file transfer, to clients at regular intervals every day. E-clips includes a “site licence” – unlimited search access to the Newztext archives. E-clips is available through annual site licence – it is not for casual searchers and we do not provide “one-off” e-clips searches.

    The clippings are a brief message containing the time, story title , the source, first sentence, and a direct link (or URL) to the full story itself on The Knowledge Basket. Clients can click on the link and go directly to the story without needing a password.

    Why use E-clips?

    E-clips can be distributed much more widely across corporate networks. The E-clips licence includes a “licence to copy” company wide. With E-clips thousands of employees can access the information simultaneously on their network. Paper or image/pdf based systems were inherently more difficult to replicate and distribute, which limited their availability. E-clips can be provided in HTML or XML or other formats to suit your requirements E-clips are timely. See below for a list of newspapers and magazines and the times they are available.

    How do E-clips work?

    If you have a site licence (subscription) to the Newztext Database: Ask us to set up the E-clip access file for your organisation. You can then create your own “Personal E-clip” for yourself or your organisation. Simply execute a search. On the result screen (top right) Click on “Create Personal e-clip” and follow the instructions. You can create, change or add to your E-clip whenever you please. You are able to choose which collections you want watched, e.g. Newswires, Newspapers and Magazines; you can set the threshold for relevance ranking according to your search terms, typically 0.05, and you can enter as many search terms as you wish e.g. (print media electronic media pacific media)

    E-clips are regularly sent to the clients Email box, and is also available as an RSS feed and an xml file.

    The client is licensed (based on the number of PCs on their network) to allow them to incorporate the item into corporate information systems for a limited time, so that any user on their network can use the E-clips service.

    The E-clips corporate site licence incorporates access to The Knowledge Basket’s archive (database) of the publisher partners’ content, so that once the time limit has expired, corporate users can still retrieve the documents if desired, and can do research using the millions of news articles on The Knowledge Basket

    The contract signed by the company is termed a “site licence”.

    Personal E-clips

    Personal E-clips when enabled allow any user on the network to create their own Personal E-clips. These can be emailed to the user or set up as an RSS feed. An administrator must be designated from the site licence owner, and this person can log on to the Knowledge Basket Portal (portal.knowledge-basket.co.nz) using their supplied userid/password, and manage all aspects of all the Personal E-clips set up by their users.

    E-clips Information Sources

    E-clips Sources				When Available
    Radio New Zealand News				hourly
    The Dominion Post				9:00 am
    The Christchurch Press				8:00 am
    The Southland Times				8:00 am
    The Daily News (Taranaki)			9:00 am
    Waikato Times					9:00 am
    STUFF Website (every two hours)			8:00 am
    NZ Infotech Weekly (Mondays)			8:00 am
    The New Zealand Herald				8:00 am
    The Independent (London)			8:00 am
    The Sunday Star Times (Mondays)			12:30 pm
    The Timaru Herald				6:30 pm
    The NelsonMail					6:30 pm
    The Evening Standard (Manawatu)			6:30 pm
    Scoop						Daily
    BusinessWire					Daily
    NZ Doctor 					Monthly
    Pharmacy Today					Monthly

    PLEASE NOTE: These times cannot be guaranteed

    E-clips Costs

    For a corporate-wide licence or a licence to place material on the Internet, please
    contact Lindy Winterburn.