Access Problems

There are a small number of common problems that our customers encounter while attempting to access a database on The Knowledge Basket:

  • No currently valid license
  • We don’t recognise your IP address
  • Old URL’s
  • Permission denied errors


No License

Please check that you have a license to access the right database.  A common mistake is to try to access the wrong version of the Newztext database.  We have separate versions for casual and site license use.

Sometimes we’ve made a mistake and have forgotten to update our records.  Please let us know if you think you should have a license to access a database and you can’t.


Wrong IP address

We determine who you are via your IP address, but we can only recognise you if you’ve told us what the IP addresses you’re using are.

If we don’t know who you are – then please contact us and we’ll update our records.


Old URLs

We changed the URL’s required to access various databases when we upgraded the site.  Some customers have old URL’s for the search pages bookmarked.  These may no longer work.  If you’re having trouble accessing the search page, double check that you’re using the correct URL by going to our home page, then clicking on “Databases”, selecting the database you require, and clicking on the search link.


Permission Denied

Sometimes our application firewall comes to the wrong conclusion and blocks legitimate access to our services.  If you find that you’re getting a “permission denied” error – then please contact us and we’ll look into the problem.


Your IP Address and Licenses

The IP address you are accessing The Knowledge Basket from is

We do not recognise this IP address. This is the likely reason why you are unable to access the databases that you require on our systems. Please contact us, providing the IP address and we will resolve this problem.