Which Newztext search page?

Welcome! If you require access to searching the full text of 10+ Million news and Magazine articles, you have come to the right place! The Newztext database includes newspaper articles from Fairfax (including exclusively, the STUFF archive) NZME (including NZ Herald) and exclusively, The National Business Review (NBR) archive.

There are two options for accessing these archives – by subscription, or via your local public library. The subscription option is available by an annual “site licence” – a licence that enables everyone on your network unlimited and seamless search access. This option is appropriate for organisations. Please contact us for further information and a quote.

The second option is for “casual” use by individuals, and is available via subscribing public libraries, either by visiting it and using their computers or from home using your patron library card.

Regrettably we can no longer offer casual (pay-as-you-go) access from the 1st November 2014.

Links to subscribing public library Newztext Search pages: (in progress)

Information for subscribing libraries
Each of our member groups enjoys slightly different Newztext collections tailored for their specific needs. To access the correct Newztext page for your subscription, choose the relevant link from the following list.

Polytechnic Consortiumhttp://www.knowledge-basket.co.nz/databases/polytechnics-newztext/search-newztext/

University (CONZUL)http://www.knowledge-basket.co.nz/databases/newztext-uni/search-newztext/

GIG Consortium: http://www.knowledge-basket.co.nz/databases/newztext/search-newztext/

Public Libraries http://www.knowledge-basket.co.nz/databases/newztext/search-newztext/

School Librarieshttp://www.knowledge-basket.co.nz/databases/newztext/search-newztext/

Corporate Clientshttp://www.knowledge-basket.co.nz/databases/newztext/search-newztext/

Registered Casual Users (Newztext only): http://www.knowledge-basket.co.nz/databases/newztext/search-newztext/