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Updates and New Content

With the end of 2018 fast approaching, we here at the Knowledge Basket would like to give you an update regarding our plans for adding new and important content to our already invaluable databases. Providing relevant and high value content

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Hansard Update

We have completely redone Hansard from 2003 onwards. It is now being automatically updated every time a new transcript is published. The data has been split by Speaker/Reply Speaker speeches – which makes for a better search experience. At the

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User interface enhancements and fixes

I’ve just implemented a few (overdue) search results enhancements & fixes. In no particular order: Search result selections (ticking the box next to the title) used to get forgotten when viewing a document.  The same problem applied to hidden documents

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Stop Words and Searching

Currently, (13 August 2014) common “stop words” are ignored by the Solr search engine. This sometimes lead to confusing or unexpected results from the users perspective. So, for example, if you were to do a search like “internet of things”

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No Fulltext – Newztext Plus

Some users have reported that they can retrieve no full text when searching Newztext – and more often, Newztext Plus. In fact, the full text is there as always, its just that when the user uses the default sort order

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Word stemmer change

We have changed the way in which word stems are implemented on all the databases. The default algorithm was much too aggressive, resulting in many more matches often on irrelevant words, thus favouring Recall over Precision. The stemmer now in

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New Sources in New Zealand Index…

The Waikato Regional News Index, and The New Zealand National Bibliography are now searchable in NZ Index. Thanks to Hamilton City Libraries for their great resource of 4,000+ records. National Library’s Publications New Zealand records – publications from or about

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