Search the listserv database.

The Knowledge Basket provides the listserv database as a complimentary service. The database is an indexed archive of messages sent to participating library listservs including:

  • DigLibSIG, previously ITSIG
  • NZ-Libs
  • Law-Lib
  • LIB-FL
  • NZRecords

Indexing policy
The listserv archive will accept messages passed to it by New Zealand-based email discussion group moderators. Our aim is to include any group that offers substantive content.

We reserve the right to decline input from a discussion group. However, once the group is accepted, it is up to that group to manage the material sent to the archive. The archive is public; we do not restrict access.

The Knowledge Basket logs access to the databases it hosts. The listserv database logs are used for statistical purposes only and is restricted to:

  • date and time of access.
  • originating domain name (or IP address)
  • searches/views