Author: Dave Keet

Hansard – Written Questions

The “Written Questions” collection of the Hansard database has been brought up to date – from 1987 – 21 August 2017. It is now automated so that future records will be added as they become available.

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Hansard Update

We have completely redone Hansard from 2003 onwards. It is now being automatically updated every time a new transcript is published. The data has been split by Speaker/Reply Speaker speeches – which makes for a better search experience. At the

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Family Histories Bibliography

Tony Millett’s Bibliography of Published New Zealand Family Histories, one of the bibliographies included in the New Zealand Index database on Knowledge Basket, has recently been extended by the addition of about 650 records for older New Zealand family histories

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RNZ FTP server is down…

We are not receiving stories from Radio New Zealand at the moment. We have logged a fault call, and will update this post once we know more. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Reading Machines

What if there were a machine that could read vast amounts of text, “understand” it, and could then answer questions using the knowledge gained from reading? How could that affect libraries, and library and information professionals, and indeed New Zealand?

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Casual Search to be discontinued

We will cease to offer casual search access to Newztext, from 1st November 2014, and we are no longer accepting registrations for casual search. We regret that this service is no longer viable. For individual researchers, we suggest you use

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Stop words no more

We have upgraded the search engine, and taken the opportunity to remove all stop words. This means all words are searchable, including very common words like “the”. If you search the phrase – “count of all the shore birds” for

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Upgrade tonight

We are upgrading the search engine tonight, Friday 12th September from about 6:00pm. This includes a reindex to remove stop words. Users may experience some delays, and perhaps the search results will not reflect all possible hits. We suggest you

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Stop Words and Searching

Currently, (13 August 2014) common “stop words” are ignored by the Solr search engine. This sometimes lead to confusing or unexpected results from the users perspective. So, for example, if you were to do a search like “internet of things”

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No Fulltext – Newztext Plus

Some users have reported that they can retrieve no full text when searching Newztext – and more often, Newztext Plus. In fact, the full text is there as always, its just that when the user uses the default sort order

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