Family Histories Bibliography

Tony Millett’s Bibliography of Published New Zealand Family Histories, one of the bibliographies included in the New Zealand Index database on Knowledge Basket, has recently been extended by the addition of about 650 records for older New Zealand family histories published in New Zealand, or compiled overseas but with significant New Zealand content.

The Bibliography now includes more than 4,500 histories of families with descendants in New Zealand, the oldest of which was published in 1859 (described as “A history and genealogical tree compiled by Rakei-ora-tawiro to his children”).

The Bibliography may be searched by author, title and family name, but many of the records have also been indexed by place of origin, region of main settlement in New Zealand, and name of ship on which the family arrived in New Zealand.

Many thanks to Tony who continues to update this Bibliography in his personal capacity, after retiring from Waikato University. Tony also updates:

  1. Bibliography of New Zealand Bibliographies
  2. Bibliography on Homosexuality in New Zealand
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