Security Updates

Most of our users simply wouldn’t believe the level of attacks that our servers are routinely subjected to. Most of them are simply annoyances, but some are more serious – having the potential to break into our systems to steal our information, your information, or disrupt normal usage of the service.

As a result we’ve made many security enhancements – the most recent of which has the unfortunate effect of potentially disrupting valid usage of our service. We’ve implemented a “Web Application Firewall”. This comes with a vast set of rules to detect malicious usage. We’ve done our best to tune these rules so they do not disrupt valid usage of our service – but occasionally somebody comes up with a query that we hadn’t thought of.

In this case you’ll be presented with a “403 – Forbidden” message. When this happens, please let us know, and we’ll resolve the issue. We’d also like to thank you in advance for your patience.

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