Year: 2017

Searching Problems

Some users have reported problems searching our databases.  Apparently the search screen simply re-draws rather than producing the search results. This is due to some Javascript user interface code changes that we made during the weekend.  Some web-browsers are not

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Hansard – Written Questions

The “Written Questions” collection of the Hansard database has been brought up to date – from 1987 – 21 August 2017. It is now automated so that future records will be added as they become available.

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Hansard Update

We have completely redone Hansard from 2003 onwards. It is now being automatically updated every time a new transcript is published. The data has been split by Speaker/Reply Speaker speeches – which makes for a better search experience. At the

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Family Histories Bibliography

Tony Millett’s Bibliography of Published New Zealand Family Histories, one of the bibliographies included in the New Zealand Index database on Knowledge Basket, has recently been extended by the addition of about 650 records for older New Zealand family histories

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