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* means has ceased publication

** means discontinued supply


Newztext Magazines covers New Zealand magazines with a business or industry orientation. (And from 1 August 2001 included Stock
Exchange Announcements 1995 2008).

The database contains the full text of most articles in these journals and dates back to 1993/1994 in general. See the exact years covered above. In general, no advertisements or images are included and the database is always some time behind the printed copy.
Newztext Magazines also includes weekly newspapers.
Any magazines which have their titles as an active link e.g. NZ Doctor, Management Magazine can be clicked on to browse the latest copy available to The Knowledge Basket – so you can see how up-to-date the database is for any specific magazine.

Note: The National Business Review is a separate collection within Newztext and has an active link to the latest issue available on the search page.