NZ Science

The New Zealand Science database was originally created by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), the Divisions of which became the Crown Research Institutes (CRIs). It contains reasonably comprehensive indexed records of their scientists’ publications (international as well as local), some as far back as 1848. The database, known as “SIRIS” was hosted for a time on The National Library’s “Kiwinet” search service, where it was known as STIX.

There is a wide variation in the coverage and extent of information contained in each record, but generally you will see the author(s), title, source, date of the record and some keywords. The database ceased being updated by the CRI’s in 1998. In 2000 some new records were received and successfully loaded into the database. These were the NIWA and Landcare collections covering 1998 to present date.

Since that time, IRL has contributed data; while the Royal Society of New Zealand, the Department of Conservation, NIWA, HortResearch and Geological and Nuclear Sciences have also provided updates. In October 2011 there were 136,781 records in the NZ Science collection.

The database has been enriched by the inclusion of a comprehensive selected bibliography on NZ forestry conservation and management by Marleene Boyd and it is anticipated that further bibliographies will be added to NZ Science in future.

Titles indexed in NZ Science:
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