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Kararehe kino : vertebrate pest research , 1
Kararehe kino : vertebrate pest research , 2
Kararehe kino : vertebrate pest research , 3
Kararehe kino : vertebrate pest research , 4
Kawerau geothermal field
Keith Dawber Memorial Seminar on Wind Energy Ressearch and Developments in New Zealand, Dunedin, 1998
Kent, Canterbury, UK
Kermadec Islands flora – special edition : a compilation of modern material about the flora of the Kermadec Islands [reproduction of previously published material]
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Key engineering materials
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Keystone symposia on molecular and cellular biology : metabolic engineering in transgenic plants, 1997:202
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Kikuyu grass farming for high production
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Kiwifruit : NZ kiwifruit journal
Kiwifruit enthusiasts journal
Kiwifruit Nutrition Seminar
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Kiwifruit through the 80’s and beyond ; Papers presented at the
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Knowledge : creation, diffusion, utilization
Kohika : the archaeology of a late Maori lake village in the Ngati Awa rohe, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Korea : IHP Regional Steering Committee for Southeast Asia and the
Korean journal of ceramics
Korimako calling , 1
Korimako calling , 3
Korimako calling , 4