New Zealand Index – FAQ

What is the New Zealand Index?
A collection of New Zealand related databases where publications are indexed providing a record of source, dates, bibliographic information and sometimes, a short abstract or summary of the full article.

How many collections are there on The Knowledge Basket’s New Zealand Index?
Sixteen and still growing! Libraries and individuals with indexes are welcome to discuss adding their collections to the New Zealand Index.

Why can’t I see the full text of the article?
The New Zealand Index is an invaluable tool for identifying and tracking down important pieces of information which may otherwise be inaccessible. It works like a directory to the full text – sometimes there is no digital record of the article, sometimes the article owner doesn’t want to make the full text freely available. The New Zealand Index will direct you to the full text source.

What indexes are currently included?
For your convenience we group the New Zealand Index collections on the search page:

Articles, books and more…
• INNZ – Index New Zealand. (National Library of New Zealand)
• INZART – Index to New Zealand Art. (University of Auckland Library)
• The New Zealand Woman’s Weekly Index of Names mentioned 1932-1959. (Julie Daymond-King)
• Newspaper Index also known as NINX – index record of the New Zealand newspapers 1989-2003. (Parliamentary Library)
• Newzindex – a great record of business writing and reporting in New Zealand from 1985 onwards. (The Knowledge Basket)
• New Zealand National Bibliography (aka Publications New Zealand) – (National Library of New Zealand)

• Bibliography of NZ Bibliographies – a listing of bibliographies published in New Zealand or about New Zealand (University of Waikato Library)
• Bibliography of NZ Family Histories – separately-published histories of families with descendants in New Zealand (University of Waikato Library)
• Bibliography of the Greater Waikato Region – a bibliography of publications of the Greater Waikato Region. (University of Waikato Library)
• Bibliography on Homosexuality in NZ – list of bibliographies relating to homosexuality in New Zealand. (University of Waikato Library)
• Māori Bibliography – an index to information on Māori topics appearing in books, conference proceedings and selected periodicals held in the University of Waikato Library. (University of Waikato Library)

NZ Science – collection of scientific abstracts covering NZ Science writing back to 1840.
• Forest Bibliography
• SIRIS 1840-1997
• SIRIS 1998-

Regional News Indexes
• Index Auckland – information about Auckland compiled from disparate sources (Auckland Libraries)
• Manukau’s Journey – Chronology of significant events in the history of the Counties Manukau region. (Manukau Libraries)
•New Zealand Card Index – 1950’s-1996 indexes a range of sources including newspapers, periodicals and books.(Auckland Libraries)
• Southern Regional News Index – an index of local newspapers and sources. (Dunedin Public Libraries)
• Waikato Regional News Index – an index of local newspapers and sources. (Hamilton City Libraries)

Where can I get a copy of the full text of the article?
Start with your local library or the originating library. Staff will be able to help you track down a copy of your item(s).

Is the New Zealand Index useful for genealogy?
This is a great place to start your family history research. For example: The NZ Woman’s Weekly index covers the period 1932-1951, Manukau’s Journey and Index Auckland contain records from early settlement times. These three indexes provide the names of family members in the context of the article. The Bibliography of Family New Zealand Histories has records from 1860 onwards.

How will using an index help my research?
Business and individual names and their histories are often tricky to isolate in full text databases. It’s generally more efficient and accurate to use a keyword abstract collection first. You will also find that many of the NZI collections pre-date digital production of newspapers and magazines, meaning that the full text of the article is not available for searching anywhere. And, of course, often the hard copy of the newspaper or journal may no longer be available.

What’s special about NZ Science?
New Zealand Science indexes hard-to-find unpublished papers and conference material and provides an extensive archive. Much of this material is not indexed elsewhere. This particular collection provides a unique aggregation of New Zealand Science records.

What else is NZ Science useful for?
Anything science! Those school projects on mangroves; the papers your partner in the law firm gave at an environmental conference; fascinating explanations of volcanic eruptions and seismic activity; crop and orchard health…

I am a student – can I access the New Zealand Index?
Most New Zealand universities, polytechs and public libraries subscribe to the New Zealand Index and provide their users with free access. Check with your library to see if they have a subscription. If not, give us a call, we will direct you to your nearest subscribing library.

I am at school. Can I use the New Zealand Index?
We have a special subscription arrangement for schools. Check with your library to see if your school subscribes.

How do I get started?
Check to see if your library has a subscription or call us for more support: The Knowledge Basket: 0800 456 695 or email Lindy Winterburn.