How do I get access to the MLCMBI?
Access to the Index is available by annual subscription. Many of New Zealand’s public and tertiary libraries subscribe so you may be able to get access through your normal library service.

Can I subscribe as an individual?
An annual subscription, providing unlimited searching, costs $500+GST. Contact us on 0800 456 695 for further information.

What years does the MLCMBI cover?
Court hearings from the years 1865 – 1910.

What information is included in the Index?
The MLCMBI is an index to more than 91,000 handwritten records. It allows you to locate names of people and land blocks wherever they occur in all 1100 of the Minute Books for this period.

How do I use the Index to locate the full records?
You’ll need the details recorded under ‘Book reference’ (district, book number and page numbers) for each of the records you want to locate in the full text volumes e.g.: Taheke MB No.03, Page(s): 17-106

Where do I find copies of the full records?
Each District Maori Land Court holds a copy of the meeting records for that district. The originals and various full copy sets are held by government agencies such as Archives and the Ministry of Justice in Wellington. Many public and tertiary libraries also hold copies.

Where do I find more recent Maori Land Court matters?
For assistance in finding your way around Maori Land records, contact your local District Maori Land Court and speak to an advisor. There are also other online resources such as: