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What is legislation?
The Clerk of the House at Parliament has some really good material to tell you about this.

– for material on how laws are made –″ – which explains the Legislative Process.

Also useful are other Factsheets which explain the differences between Parliament and Government, the Select Committee process, Officers of the House, the
Parliamentary Library, publications available and so on – these are found at

Where do I get legislation?
Decide which sort you want, Bills, Regulations or Statutes; and go to

What about Hansard?
This is not free on The Knowledge Basket, but you will find free Hansard at

What about the Bills Digest?
This is no longer available at The Knowledge Basket. You will find a free copy at

Is there any other place to get legislation?
Yes, the NZ Legislation website, – it is free and is updated every time legislation is updated.
and the New Zealand Legal Information Institute, http:/

I am a student – can I afford it?
Some New Zealand universities and polytechs provide access to this database
collection for all students. Check with the library at your university or college.

I am at school – can I have it?
Most schools do not need this material. If you need legislation it will probably be in the FREE section.

Can I search on the LegislationNZ databases and just pay for what I use?
No – you must have a site licence for this database.

How do I start?
Call us about a site licence. +64210487025

Is there anyone to help me in the beginning?
Yes. The Knowledge Basket office is there at the end of a phone to
help you till you feel comfortable.