Newztext News Archive

Updated Law Journal
Thanks to Ken Palmer and the team at the University of Auckland, we have now loaded the 2012 issue of the NZ Journal of Environmental Law on Newztext.
13 May 2013

Updated Law Journals
Thanks to Waikato University and Otago University Law Schools for providing their 2011 volumes to The Knowledge Basket. The Waikato Law Review 2011 (2 volumes) and Otago Law Review 2011 can be searched through Newztext.
8 March 2013

National Business Review
Formerly held in Newztext’s Magazines collection, the National Business Review is now a collection in its own right in the Newztext database and is only available to site licencees. To enhance the NBR full text collection (1993 to date*) we have also added the earlier index set (1986-1992). These are index reference records which pre-date the full text being available. The Knowledge Basket is the only database provider which is continuing to load the new issues of the NBR each week as they are released from embargo. Each issue is loaded in full text with a link to a PDF of the original page from the magazine. For help in gaining access to Newztext call Linda Winterburn on 0800 456 695.
* To date is the most recent edition available, The NBR is embargoed for one month after publication.
PINI (formerly called Niustext) – on The Knowledge Basket- Pacific Islands
Available on The Knowledge Basket Pacific Islands website, Niustext is accessible to site licencees only. PINI is an archive database including a range of newspapers, newsfeeds and journals specific to the Pacific Islands and updated daily.

Academic Law Journals
7 November 2012
We received a backlog of law journals this year which we have processed and converted successfully so that they are now searchable through Newztext. They are the NZ Journal of Environmental Law 2010 and 2011, and the Waikato Law Review for the years 2005-2010. We are particularly grateful to Pat Northey for assisting the processes to enable our continuing archive of these unique publications.

National Business Review
6 October 2012
We are advised that NBR have resolved their archiving problems and they have supplied the first files for clearing the backlog – 3 August 2012 has been loaded today.

National Business Review
15 September 2012
We apologise for the time lag with the National Business Review archives update. NBR advise us that they are having problems with their own archiving system and we are hoping to hear more from them in the next week.

8 June 2012
A new regional news resource to Newztext – 1XX from the Bay of Plenty. The newsfeed is updated twice daily Monday to Friday, and archived back to November 2007.

26 March 2012
The Fairfax Daily News Feed, and the STOP-PRESS (aka. Fast Feed) have now been consolidated into a combined, single feed. This development is a positive one, as the Fast feed now has the additional indexing terms added, and is the permament record for that article. It does not get replaced later by an indexed version. The Fast feed still comes in at approximately 6:40am. To reflect these changes, the STOP-PRESS collection will shortly be renamed Fairfax2012-, and the FairFax2003- collection will be renamed Fairfax2003-2012.

Updating our academic journals 22 July 2011
NZ Journal of Environmental Law 2009 has been added to Newztext.
Pacific Journalism Review May and October 2010, and May 2011 means the PJR is up-to-date on Newztext.
Maori Law Review – all issues for 2008 and the first 4 issues for 2009 have been added to Newztext. No other issues are available for conversion as yet.

18 May 2011
New from Rural News Group – NZ Windegrower and Dairy News.
Rural News used to include Dairying Today but it is now a new and separate product called Dairy News.

8 March 2011
Old favourites back from new publishers MediaWeb…. and new to The Knowledge Basket, FMCG…
Onfilm, Marketing, Fastline, FoodService/Grill, The Director, Admedia, Management are back including their archive, and FMCG from 2009 on are all in Newztext.
E-clip clients will find those titles have been automatically added to their list of sources covered.

6 April 2010
The Knowledge Basket welcomes “Indian Weekender” – a new publication to the Newztext database. More than 2000 articles from January 2009 to current date have been loaded into the Magazines collection and we will be receiving weekly updates. We would also like to congratulate them on their first anniversary of the Indian Weekender on the 16th of this month. You can see more at their

29 August 2009
National Business Review – delay in supply from this day forward
We have been informed by the NBR that they will be supplying the NBR late from now on, to all its aggregator partners including the Knowledge Basket. At this stage they intend to delay the supply of the electronic version by 4 weeks. We are engaging with the NBR in an attempt to change this, but it looks as though we will not be receiving the NBR today, Friday 28th August, until some time in the future.
Our apologies for this unwelcome development at such short notice – we will keep you informed of any developments as they occur

10 July 2009
Pacific Journalism Review – the May 2009 issue of this journal has been loaded. Thanks to David Robie and the team at AUT.

13 May 2009
3Media publications
3Media Group Limited is in receivership & in liquidation.
They are continuing to supply us with electronic files for their publications as they can – and remaining magazines are up for sale. Note that NZ Dairy Exporter has been sold recently to CountryWide Publications.
We hope that the significant investment in NZ trade journals by 3Media Group can be continued by another publisher in the futur e. 3Media was formed in 2007 through the merger of Review Publishing, Profile Publishing and Marketplace Press. Newztext clients wil l remember a long history with Profile Publishing on The Knowledge Basket with heavyweight publications such as NZ Business, Management magazine and Marketing magazine – the archives of which are still being used today.

21 January 2009
Maori Law Review
Thanks to the team at Bennion Law we now have all issues of the Maori Law Review for 2007 and the May and June 2008 issues loaded for searching in Newztext.