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Summary Proceedings Acts (1957 to 1999) by Parliamentary Counsel  031
VI: Conservation of the Peace
Sureties of the Peace
191   Estreat of bond

   191. Estreat of bond---(1) Any person who has obtained an order
 requiring any other person to enter into a bond for keeping the peace
 may apply to a Court presided over by a [District Court Judge] for an
 order for estreat of the bond on the ground that that other person has
 failed to keep the condition of the bond.

   (2) On the filing of the application the Registrar shall fix a time
 and place for the hearing of the application, and shall, not less than 7
 days before the time fixed, cause to be served on every person bound by
 the bond a notice of the time and place so fixed.

   (3) If on the hearing of any application made under this section it is
 proved to the satisfaction of the Court that the condition of the bond
 has not been kept, the Court may make an order in the prescribed form to
 estreat the bond to such an amount as it thinks fit as to any person
 bound thereby on whom notice is proved to have been served in accordance
 with this section. Any penalty payable in accordance with this
 subsection shall be recoverable as if it were a fine.
     Cf. 1927, No. 37, ss. 31, 32

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