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Environment Acts (1986-1996) by Parliamentary Counsel  015
I: Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
Administrative Provisions
6   Term of office of Commissioner

   6. Term of office of Commissioner---(1) Except as otherwise provided
 in this Act, the Commissioner shall hold office for a term of 5 years,
 but may be reappointed from time to time.

   (2) Where the term for which the Commissioner has been appointed
 expires, the Commissioner, unless sooner resigning from office or
 removed from office, shall continue to hold office, by virtue of the
 appointment for the term that has expired, until---
   (a) The Commissioner is reappointed; or
   (b) A successor to the Commissioner is appointed.

   (3) The Commissioner may at any time resign from office by writing
 addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, or to the
 Prime Minister if there is no Speaker or if the Speaker is absent from
 New Zealand.

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