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Explosives Act 1957  019
Commenced: 1 Apr 1958
I: Administration
6   Chief Inspector of Explosives

   6. Chief Inspector of Explosives---There shall from time to time be
 appointed under the provisions of the [State Services Act 1962] a Chief
 Inspector of Explosives, who shall be an employee of the [Department of
 Labour] and, under the general direction of the Secretary . . . shall be
 charged with the duty of carrying this Act into effect.
     Cf. 1920, No. 44, s. 6 (1)

       The words ``Department of Labour'' were substituted for the words
     ``Department of Internal Affairs'' by s. 2 (3) (a) of the Explosives
     Amendment Act 1978; and the words ``for Internal Affairs'' were
     omitted, as indicated by points of omission, by s. 2 (3) (b) of that
       The State Services Act 1962, being the corresponding enactment in
     force at the date of this reprint, has been substituted for the
     repealed Public Service Act 1912.
       As to the powers and functions of the Chief Inspector of
     Explosives as the Chief Inspector of Dangerous Goods, see s. 6 of
     the Dangerous Goods Act 1974.

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