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Maori Affairs Act 1953  094
Commenced: 1 Apr 1954
XIX: Alienation of Land by Maoris
Execution of Instruments of Alienation
222A   Rectification of instruments

   [222A. Rectification of instruments---Nothing in this Part of this Act
 shall exclude the jurisdiction of [[the High Court]], in any case in
 which an instrument of alienation has been duly confirmed, to order the
 rectification of that instrument in accordance with the true intent of
 the parties in the same manner as if the instrument had been made
 between Europeans; and in any such case no further confirmation shall be

       Ss. 222 and 222A were substituted for the original S. 222 (as
     amended by s. 6 (1) of the Maori Purposes Act 1963) by s. 97 of the
     Maori Affairs Amendment Act 1967.

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