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Coal Mines Act 1979  021
Commenced: 1 Apr 1980
III: Coal Mining Rights
Tribute Agreements
99   Tribute agreement

                            Tribute Agreements

   99. Tribute agreement---(1) For the purposes of this section and in
 sections 100 and 101 of this Act---
     ``Licensee'' means the holder of a coal mining licence:
     ``Tribute agreement'' means an agreement between a licensee and
         another person whereby the other person has the right to mine
         the land to which the licence relates or any part of it on terms
         requiring him to pay to the licensee a royalty in respect of all
         coal mined, a rent or fee in respect of the coal mining licence,
         or a percentage or portion of the earnings or proceeds of the
         coal mine:
     ``Tributer'' means a person who enters into a tribute agreement with
         a licensee.

   (2) Every tribute agreement shall be in writing, shall be signed by
 the parties, and shall not be lodged with the District Land Registrar
 until the Minister has consented to it in writing; and the Minister may
 decline to consent or may give his consent unconditionally or subject to
 such terms and conditions (including variation or deletion of any of the
 terms of the agreement) as he thinks fit to impose.

   (3) Every tribute agreement shall, to the Secretary's satisfaction,
 describe the land to be mined and contain particulars of the coal mining
 licence to which it relates and shall specify the period of time during
 which the agreement shall operate.

   (4) Every tribute agreement shall be signed in quadruplicate, and all
 copies shall forthwith be forwarded to the Secretary.

   (5) When the Minister has consented to a tribute agreement, the
 Secretary shall endorse the 4 copies of the agreement to that effect and
   (a) Forward 1 copy to the licensee and 1 copy to the tributer; and
   (b) Lodge 1 copy with the District Land Registrar.

   (6) On the receipt of a copy of a tribute agreement the District Land
 Registrar shall, without fee,---
   (a) Sign and seal on it a statement of the time and date of receipt;
   (b) Record and file it in his office; and
   (c) Endorse his filed copy of the coal mining licence to which it
         relates with the particulars of the agreement, including the
         record reference.

   (7) No tribute agreement shall come into force until its particulars
 have been endorsed on the coal mining licence to which it relates
 pursuant to subsection (6) (c) of this section.
     Cf. 1925, No. 39, s. 78A; 1972, No. 8, s. 42
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