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Massage Parlours Act 1978  013
Commenced: 9 Aug 1978; 1 Apr 1979, s. 5


1 Short Title and commencement
2 Interpretation
3 Exemptions
4 Act does not authorise certain types of massage

5 Massage parlour operators to be licensed
6 Eligibility for licence
7 Application for licence
8 Notice of application to be given to Police
9 Magistrate not to hear or consider an application until satisfied of service
10 Hearing of application
11 Evidence of suitability required
12 Grant of application and issue of licence
13 Effect and duration of licence
14 Renewal of licence
15 Persons not to act as officers of licensee company without Magistrate's consent
16 Temporary licence

Conduct of Business by Licensees
17 Supervision of business
18 Masseurs and masseuses
19 Licensee to maintain list of masseurs and masseuses
20 Temporary managers
21 Certificates of approval
22 Renewal of certificate of approval
23 Production of licence
24 Production of certificate of approval

Disciplinary Provisions
25 Complaints against licensee
26 Court may refer matter to Police
27 Suspension of licensee pending determination of complaint
28 Hearing of complaint
29 Powers of Court on determining complaint
30 Grounds for cancellation of licence
31 Court may cancel certificate of approval
32 Court may order dismissal of masseur or masseuse

Appeal Provisions
33 Appeals to Supreme Court

Duties and Powers of Police
34 Functions of Police
35 Power of Police to enter on licensed premises
36 Warrant to enter licensed premises
37 Power to enter other premises
38 Decisions to be notified to Police
39 Service of documents

Miscellaneous Provisions
40 General penalty
41 Punishment of offences
42 Regulations


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