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Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Amendment Rule 2006084
Commenced: DD-MMM-YYYY



4Objective of rule
8Obtaining learner licence
9Conditions of learner licence
10Obtaining full licence
11Obtaining driving instructor endorsement
12When passenger endorsement required
13Obtaining passenger endorsement
14Obtaining testing officer endorsement
15Obtaining vehicle recovery endorsement
16Medical certificates
17Practical driving tests required
18Practical driving tests for older drivers
19New clauses 52 and 52A substituted
20New clauses 57 and 57A substituted
21Removal of condition relating to automatic transmission
22Period of validity of driver licence
23Form of temporary driver licence
24Renewal of driver licence
25Special provision relating to person who is overseas, or in prison or hospital
26Renewal of passenger, vehicle recovery, driving instructor, testing officer, or dangerous goods endorsement
27Renewal of special-type endorsement
28Special provision relating to person overseas, or in prison or hospital
29Requirements for testing and medical examination
30Requirement to be in notice
31Obligations on person required to undertake test or medical examination
32Revocation of driver licence or endorsement
33New clauses 85 and 85A substituted
34Recognition of overseas driver licence or permit
35New heading inserted
36New clauses 89 and 89A substituted
37Director may approve courses
38Requirements for approval of course
39Obtaining new driver licence
40New Schedule 3 substituted
41Schedule 6 amended
42Schedule 7 amended
43New Schedule 8 added
Schedule 1
Schedule 2
Schedule 3
Schedule 4
Schedule 5
FIRST: Objective of rule
SECOND: Consultation carried out under section 161(2) of Act
THIRD: New Schedule 8 added to principal rule
FOURTH: New Schedule 3 substituted in principal rule
FIFTH: New tests substituted in Parts A, B, and C of Schedule 6 of principal rule, and new Parts E and F substituted in Schedule 6 of principal rule
Explanatory Note
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