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P.O. Box 46079 Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. Ph: (+64 9) 621 0476. Fax: (+64 9) 621 0471
Directors: Dave Keet and Linda Winterburn
Technical Manager: Brian Ellis
Client Services Manager: Joanne Cooper
For Sales, E-clips and Site Licence enquiries contact Joanne Cooper.

The Knowledge Basket was launched in November 1994.

The first database to be made available to the public was the (then) GP Print Legislation database collection in November 1994.

This was quickly followed by Newztext - an extensive database of full text newspapers and journal articles.

As an additional resource to the full text, a database of indexed records to New Zealand publications was established, first as Newzindex, then as additional indexes were made available to The Knowledge Basket, this grew into the New Zealand Index.

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The Knowledge Basket is a partnership between consumers and suppliers of information
Publishers have a cooperative relationship with The Knowledge Basket and share any revenue received. Costs for converting, maintaining and archiving their material are met entirely by The Knowledge Basket, not the publisher, and the publisher has free access to the archive of his/her material at all times. For further information on how to put your material on to The Knowledge Basket contact: Joanne Cooper by email.