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Nau mai ki te kete o te wananga

TaongaWaka Huia

The first of our taonga are publications from the early Dominion Museum Monograph and Dominion Museum Bulletin series. The author, Elsdon Best (1856-1931) was an ethnologist with the Dominion Museum for 20 years and in that time compiled an impressive number of publications on Maori history and lore.

The monographs and bulletins have not been altered in spelling or writing-style in these html versions.

As explained by R.A. Falla (Director of the Dominion Museum from 1947-66) in the foreword to the reprinted monograph no.2 -

"Although Best's style of writing may seem a little archaic, it was characteristic of his original and independent attitude to the study of ethnology."

Today, these publications can only be found in rare bookshops or the closed collections of public libraries. The Knowledge Basket's intention is to bring New Zealand treasures into the open shelves of the World Wide Web to ensure they continue to enhance our knowledge and understanding of Aotearoa and its people.

Tihei mauri ora!

(Please be patient - getting these documents will take a little longer than normal)

DMM 1. Some Aspects of Maori Myth and Religion - By Elsdon Best
DMM 2. Spiritual and Mental Concepts of the Maori - By Elsdon Best
DMM 3. Astronomical Knowledge of the Maori - By Elsdon Best
DMM 4. The Maori Division of Time - By Elsdon Best
DMM 5. Polynesian Voyagers. The Maori as a Deep-sea Navigator, Explorer, and Colonizer - By Elsdon Best
DMM 6. The Maori School of Learning - By Elsdon Best